The staff at NTQ are very dynamic as shown in their ability to simultaneously create a fun atmosphere while being productive. In terms of quality, they have captured the Japanese psyche and have produced good software products. Our company has luckily found a good partner in NTQ Solution.
Sometimes our projects require us to create deliverables and produce documents written in English. In Japan it is hard to find engineers who can understand English, making it difficult to control costs and the speed at which a project is completed. NTQ Solution solved this problem for us through their excellent communication skills.
Before doing business with NTQ I felt very worried. However, they have proven to us that they can deliver our specifications to a high standard and NTQ has now become a reliable partner of ours. I have never had a problem with communication with NTQ because they understand the Japanese language and characteristics. I am very glad to have NTQ as a partner as they can provide easy to manage services at reasonable prices.
NTQ has a team of engineers and technology experts who have many working experience in Japan that bring customers reliable feeling because of Japan working style and care about each small thing.
Pham Thai Son – CEO is a people who have huge passion about technology and he recruits plenty of talented and passionate employees. In fact, although NTQ is developing with fast speech, but the company is still maintain core value.
NTQ is a reputable company that I want introduce in Vietnam.
Example about App – Implement projects
Canbus System

Building a cloud-based online data management system based on multi-tenant model for enterprise customers.
This system provides functions as a database and gives users authority to manage, share and analyze data.

Main functions
  • User defines data through application
    • The user defines the data structure
    • The user designs the data input form
    • The user defines the data display mode
  • Manage data of application processing flow
    • Users can define data processing flows and assign and authorize data processing
    • Users can automate data processing flow
  • Collaborative functions
    • With the workspace function, multiple users can collaborate as one team.
    • Provide messaging and forum functions between teams
  • Project size: 200 Man month
  • Our scope of work: specification definition → coding → integration test
DQS Labo
/ /
  • Client want to develop a system to support creating proposals for stores in ASEAN.
  • NTQ was assigned to develop and maintain the system, as well as handling upgrade, function change request throughout operating.
  • Even while in use it is required to respond to the actual situation by upgrading, changing functions, etc.
  • To maintain the system, the client ordered a Ope Lab with 2 Man per month.
  • The offshore team has been supervising the server and handling occurring issues.
/ /
  • Client has been providing dating service based on web for 6 companies and expect NTQ to take care of all of the workload.
  • Maintaining content:
    • Monitor the condition of the service and service in the system. Fast responsive for any arising issues.
    • Proceed the maintenance such as backup, log removal, etc…
    • Taking care of the change when the system updates service provider such as Email, advertisement, invoice, etc…
    • In charge of some tasks in system management such as change in catalogue (edit/add/delete catalogue, email template), etc…
    • Edit/update text, image, banner, URL for website according to client’s request.
  • Allocate a maintenance team (dev + comtor)
  • The team has been operating for more than 3 years.
Trb Labo
/ /
  • Client is a digital agency from Singapore with expertise in Digital Content Marketing
  • The client is doing business in website development so that they have high requirement for design for impression to users.
  • Client wants to find a reliable partner that fits these conditions.
  • The original development team started off with 2 members and increased to 7 members in 6 months.
  • The offshore development team has been in charge of processing HTML/CSS and creating animation following client’s requests.
  • In addition, NTQ has also been in charge of the backend.
MM Labo
/ /
  • Client is in Japan and want to provide advertising website for end-users.
  • Despite their desire to expand business, client face difficulty in recruitment as the salary rate in Japan is fairly high.
  • Client wants to seek suitable resource for business expansion.
  • The development team took 3 months to adopt the service quality for advertising website.
  • The team has increased from 2 members to 5 members.
  • Client also delegate UI/UX task for NTQ.
  • Client is an enormous electronic manufacturer with approximately 30.000 employees. They usually use many internal enterprise systems.
  • Client wants to develop a system that can automatically login into every systems to save time.
  • Client worries about technical aspect of this project.
  • NTQ completed a demo for this system through extension/plugin of browser (20 Man Month effort)
  • The project continues into the next phase with 36 Man month
  • All staff have been using this system after complete development.
  • NTQ continues to maintain this system.
/ /
  • Client is a start-up company in building online LMS using live streaming.
  • In order to attract end-users and investors, client needs a demo for minimized functions.
  • The live streaming needed to be built on Opensource platform. However, in order to fit the project timeline, we have developed a demo on platform with subscription fee.
  • In 2 months, NTQ completed the demo for platform livestreaming.
  • The system was designed to fit with Tokbox platform, as well as the paid platform.
  • The client has sold this service for 2 businesses.
  • At the moment, the system has been extended into Co-lab with 5 members.

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