Service Offshore

What is Offshore development?

Offshore is combined by 2 word “off” and “shore” which is used to describe an outsourcing method for taking over in software development, web system, and smartphone app in development and management for a foreign developed company or a foreign subsidiary. In addition, since the factors such as preferential government policy, diverse IT resources, and technical skill, Vietnam has become a rising star in this field.

About offshore development of NTQ



Human resources


Project number

400+ projects

YoY growth

Over 40%


12 countries

  • NTQ does not only provides solutions but also apply many years of experience to offer consultancy and alternatives following customer requirement.
  • NTQ does not only stop at providing outsourcing service but also adapt to fulfill more and more complex requests of the market.
  • Especially, to provide the best service suitable for each customers, we have summarized our experience from more than 400 projects into our working model, NTQ – Way.

Work flow

Requirement discussion

(Customer)  (Our company)


(Customer)  (Our company)

Interviewing Candidates

(Customer)  (Our company)

Signing contract

(Customer)  (Our company)

Starting project

(Customer)  (Our company)

Development model

Onsite Offshore

Technical persons will be dispatched to customers, and Vietnamese side will also create a team in charge.

100% Offshore

The development team provides services on the Vietnamese side. BrSE plays an important role as a communicator.

Customer offshore

All development teams will provide services on the Vietnamese side, we will dispatch personnel from Vietnam from our customers and will work together.

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