Service AI
Effective AI application in business
~ Great results from small challenges in Vietnam Offshore ~
AI, one of the emerging technology in today, has surpassed the researching phase and has been adopted in many businesses to increase productivity.
NTQ is proud to be a company that holds realistic achievement in developing AI for many sectors, and we always support the clients as a reliable partner. To clients who are not specialized in technical domain, we always provide service following the model “offshore research and development + professional expertise” in order to develop customized AI for clients’ business.
Cost efficiency
Improve productivity
Extraordinary funny service
The AI we developed ourselves:
Image recognition:
  • Accuracy: 98%
  • Increase in productivity: 400%
  • Use: Detecting issues such as error in products.
In addition, the image recognition AI can also be used to monitor video and live streaming.
Security monitoring camera system:
  • Doing head count
  • Detect suspicious action
  • Recognize registered people
Classify documents’ content:
  • Detect the content to classify the documents.
  • Find related documents
  • Check chat content
  • Detect mail spam
AI Mosaic
Before AI, the execution to blur and process image, video classification is done manually which is very time-consuming with low productivity.
  • Massively increase productivity and cost-efficiency
  • Easy to blur many parts on demand
  • Easy to implement
Joint Development
Analyze and recommend:
Show the products in recommended sector to increase conversion rate:
  • Effective after 4-5 clicks
  • Increase in conversion and revenue.
  • Industrial domains: eCommerce, recruitment, real estates, logistics, matching site.
  • Can recognize Japanese hand-writing
  • Has high review from BPO companies

Should there be a need of available AI demos, please don't hestitate to contact us.