What does Nihon Keizai talk about iLuton?

Aug 1st, 2019

iLuton- a security measure to prevent data leakage - was introduced by the Japanese Economic Newspaper: Nihon Kenzai for the first time. It is a product of EZ Defence – a joint venture between ACT JSC and NTQ Solution JSC. iLuton is expected to be launched in this August.
Users only need to connect the computer with the receiver, while wearing the ID card. The computer will be locked automatically once users are away, and unlocked once they come back. With this solution, users can completely ignore their username/password. Besides, iLuton also registers the log-in time, and send to HR Department for management purpose.
According to IBM’s investigation, one data leakage in Japan will cause an average loss of 300 million Yen. That’s why it’s vital to apply security measures to prevent risks.