Super Watermarks - top 2 trending app on Shopify App Store

Aug 10th, 2020

In April 2020, Super Watermarks application was launched into the market. This product is developed by 2B company - a subsidiary of NTQ.

Super Watermarks is produced as a tool for merchants to bulk edit their product images, including adding watermarks, stickers, badges, frames or their own logos to the photos.

Watermarking is a common approach for Shopify users to protect or personalize their images. The task of adding watermarks, stickers and logos to the images one by one is time consuming and boring, especially when the number of images is considerable.

That’s why the developers of 2B have programmed Super Watermarks with these outstanding features:
Add watermarks, stickers automatically
Protect your intellectual works by labelling them.
Promote your marketing campaigns with special stickers & logos
Remove stickers and restore your original images.

After 2 months of launching, 2B's application - Super Watermarks has twice entered the Top Trending Apps list on Shopify App Store at the 2nd place, in turn on June 22nd and July 24th. This is an honor of 2B, as well as a tribute to the continuous efforts of the developers.
"For a newly launched app like Super Watermarks, being on this list is like a miracle" - a 2B member said.

Not being complacent of what has been achieved, 2B will try the best to bring better products and experiences to customers. Let's look forward to the next achievements of 2B.

Shopify is the world's #1 e-commerce platform with more than 500,000 online stores in 175 countries. Exploring this market and delivering good value is what 2B always aims for. This is the motivation for 2B to improve and bring better services to customers.

Get more information about Super Watermarks here.