NTQ Solution successfully held the AI Seminar in Japan

May 23rd, 2018

On May 15th, NTQ Solution, in line with NTQ Japan and NextSmarty, successfully set up a seminar about AI Recommendation System at Yokohama World Posters Centre (Japan).


The system is based on algorithms jointly developed by NTQ and NextSmarty. Moreover, Deep Learning is implemented in order to resolve the limitation of Machine Learning- which can only suggest products according to specific predetermined group.

Thanks to the new technology, the system can give products suggestion based on customers preferences after 4-5 clicks. It is expected to be a strategic solution for E-commerce, Recruitment, Logistic and Dating website. Besides, it can also be adjusted in accordance with specific demand.


Historically, the AI Recommendation System is successfully implemented on European e-commerce website, and help increasing 30% revenue of customers.

In fact, the seminar attracted more than 40 representatives from Japanese technology companies. All data and rehearsal are collected from real projects. Many participants evaluated this new product as useful and potential.