NTQ – Next Smarty: New Union for New Service.
NTQ – Next Smarty: New Union for New Service.

On April 12nd in Hanoi, NTQ Solution JSC and NextSmarty Corporation have signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The objective of the cooperation agreement is to maximize the two sides' advantage to promote AI services (AI Recommendation, AI image recognition) in Japan market.

NTQ Solution was established in Hanoi in 2011. Started with 5 founders, the company has grown to 300 employees in April 2018. NTQ Solution started providing IT Outsourcing services to Japan market in 2012 and established NTQ Japan in Tokyo, Japan in February 2016.

Thanks to the effort of all employees, NTQ is always appreciated by Japanese customers and selected as a reliable partner.

Founded in 2016, NextSmarty is a fast-growing company that provides cutting-edge recommendation services to small and medium enterprises. By using state-of-the-art algorithms, they are pioneers in applying artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to build the best-performing Recommendation Services.

In particular, "3D Convolutional Networks for Session-based Recommendation with Content Features" of NextSmarty was introduced at RecSys 2017 - The World's Largest AI Conference in Italy.