About us

NTQ Solution.,JSC

Company name NTQ Solution.,JSC
Head Office 6F, Sudico Building, Me Tri Street, Nam Tu Liem District,
Ha Noi City
Phone Number (+84) 243 200 8754
Founded June 13, 2011
Representative and President Pham Thai Son
Capitalization 3,000,000 USD
Services Software Development, AI development, R&D, Technical Consultant
Number of Employees 500 members (Non-Consolidated: 470/ Consolidated: 30)
Certification ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS: Information security management system)

Japanese legal entity, NTQ Japan.,JSC

Company name NTQ Japan .,JSC
Head Office 〒221-0056 3F Yokohama Kinkocho Building, 6-3 Kinkocho, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
FAX 045-620-3804
Founded February 8th, 2016
Chief Executive Officer Representative Director and President
Pham Thai Son
Vice President
Pham Thanh Nam
Capitalization 5,000,000 JPY (45,000 USD)
Number of Employees 40 members
Services Offshore development, SES business
Participating Association Kanagawa Information services industry Association(KIA)

2021 Goal

Total revenue

Over $20 Millions

Being a family means 'Solidarity'
Being engineers, we are 'Passionate'
Being partners, we always 'Share'
Human resources

Over 800 staff

We are committed to always providing high quality products and services, and are continuously improving to bring satisfaction to our customers
We evoke passion and train programmers to a world class level
As a partner, we deepen mutual understanding.

We were labeled 'crazy' when we decided to separate from a bigger firm to form NTQ Solution.
With a clear vision and passionate young workforce we have created a family atmosphere at NTQ which fosters innovation and allows us to strive for technological perfection.
The name NTQ Solution is a result of hours of deliberation:
To our honorable customers NTQ stands for 'Next Top Quality' because providing customers with perfection is our company belief.
To our workforce NTQ means 'Nha Toi Quan' which literally means 'My Family' because we are not just a company, we are one BIG family.

Introduction of core members

Tran Van Hoang

Sales Manager

To Hai Son


Pham Thai Son


Nguyen Kim Soan


Truong Dao Quy Duong

Vice President

Bui Duc Chuong

R&D Manager

Trinh Thi Thu Hien

Senior Manager

Tran Ho Phuong

Vice President

Ogawa Yoshimitsu

Strategic Planning/NTQ Japan

Pham Thanh Nam