About us

who are we?

We were labeled 'crazy' when we decided to separate from a bigger firm to form NTQ Solution.
With a clear vision and passionate young workforce we have created a family atmosphere at NTQ which fosters innovation and allows us to strive for technological perfection.

The name NTQ Solution is a result of hours of deliberation:
To our honorable customers NTQ stands for 'Next Top Quality' because providing customers with perfection is our company belief.

To our workforce NTQ means 'Nha Toi Quan' which literally means 'My Family' because we are not just a company, we are one BIG family.

What we do?

Here at NTQ we love technology. We do not simply develop basic applications and software. Instead, we carry out thorough investigations and research to provide our customers with the best solutions, both technically and economically.

At the R&D Centre we have formed a team to develop our own embedded software projects.

Customers benefit from our services due to the value they will gain from our reasonable costs and the quality of our work. These benefits arise due to our enthusiastic technicians who operate under strict Japanese and Western style operating systems.

Why we are different?

Firstly, 'Smart Offshore Development' means that NTQ Solution not only provides coding services but also provides solutions, architectural design and detailed design.
By offering this array of services we allow our customers to focus on their business needs while we handle the technological aspect of their business.

Each of us is completely different, that’s why we are the most versatile

Tran Van Hoang
Tran Van Hoang
Sales Manager

I received 3rd prize in an International Mathematical Olympiad when I was in high school. Due to this success I was sponsored by the government to study Computer Science in Australia. I then worked for Nokia in Finland for 3 years before joining NTQ.

To Hai Son
To Hai Son

I was sponsored by the Vietnamese government to study Computer Science in Russia. After graduation I worked as a technical leader for FPT Software where I managed projects that were ordered by major Japanese companies. I have over 10 years experience in the Japanese outsourcing market.

Pham Thai Son
Pham Thai Son

After graduating from Hanoi National University, one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam, I joined FPT Software. At FPT I worked as a project manager, managing projects that exceeded 300 man months as ordered by major Japanese firms.

Nguyen Kim Soan
Nguyen Kim Soan

Having been sponsored by the Vietnamese government I decided to study Computer Science in Russia where I graduated as one of the top ten students on my course before finally gaining my MBA in 2011. I have almost 10 years experience working directly with Western and Japanese customers.

Truong Dao Quy Duong
Truong Dao Quy Duong
Sales Manager

I lived in Japan for 11 years where I became fluent in Japanese. I graduated from a Japanese graduate school in Public Regional Management before working for a Japanese logistics company. I then began to work for NTQ where I am heavily involved in sales activities related to the Japanese market.

Company Introduction

Established: 13-Jun-2011
Human resources: 300 staffs
Legal Capital: $250,000

For more details, please check out this video.



Total revenue

Over $20 Millions

Human resources

Over 800 staff


  • Being a family means "Solidarity"

  • Being engineers, we are "Passionate"

  • Being partners, we always "Share"


  • We are committed to always providing high quality products and services, and are continuously improving to bring satisfaction to our customers

  • We evoke passion and train programmers to a world class level

Press releases

We are so happy and proud of this achievement and it provides us with great motivation to continue moving forward

On December 6th 2014 VTV4, a Vietnamese science and technology TV channel, interviewed NTQ Solution with regards to the Outsourcing sector. The interview was used as the focal point of the TV program which was broadcast to mark the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam-Japan relationship.
We were not chosen by VTV4 because we are a big company but rather because our working principles match both countries' diplomatic relationship standards.
We consider this coverage as a reward for the good work we have been doing in the Japanese market.