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Who is NTQ Solution?

NTQ Solution is a Vietnamese software development company providing offshore development services such as mobile and web applications as well as other essential software services for businesses.


Turn your ideas into reality

Software Outsourcing
Achieve business efficiency by outsourcing a part, or the whole, of your software development projects
Solutions Consultancy
We provide a solutions consultancy service
Graphic Design
Complete your software with our most trendy mobile and web app graphic design

Mobile App

Web App

Cloud-based Software

Healthcare Software

System Integration

Enterprise Application

Embedded Software

E-commerce Software

Customer reviews

Satoshi Kawai
Satoshi Kawai
COO, Marinax Inc, Japan

Sometimes our projects require us to create deliverables and produce documents written in English. In Japan it is hard to find engineers who can understand English, making it difficult to control costs and the speed at which a project is completed. NTQ Solution solved this problem for us through their excellent English communication skills.

Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen
Technical Manager, ROI Marketing Solutions Ltd, UK

ROI Marketing Solutions Ltd has worked with NTQ Solutions to develop an online marketing application over the past year. During this time, NTQ has demonstrated good technical and communication skills over different parts of the software development cycle such requirement identification and development.

Yusuke Akinaga
Yusuke Akinaga
Account Manager, ITSherpa - Japan

The staff at NTQ are very dynamic as shown in their ability to simultaneously create a fun atmosphere while being productive. In terms of quality, they have captured the Japanese psyche and have produced good software products. Nowadays, many Japanese companies are looking for foreign partners in the software industry. Our company has luckily found a good partner in NTQ Solution.

Asuka Inoue
Asuka Inoue
CEO, Bit2Byte Inc, Japan

Before doing business with NTQ I felt very worried. However, they have proven to us that they can deliver our specifications to a high standard and NTQ has now become a reliable partner of ours. I have never had a problem with communication with NTQ because they understand the Japanese language and characteristics. I am very glad to have NTQ as a partner as they can provide easy to manage services at reasonable prices.



We keep updated with the latest technologies and are continually expanding the amount of technologies we can offer our clients.

Global NTQ

Why NTQ?

Technical capabilities

Our expert knowledge and capabilities in software development stems from our members of staff who have graduated from top universities around the world.


While the yearly rate of employees leaving jobs is 25% per Vietnamese company, our company only loses 10% of our employees annually. This is due to our ability to facilitate a fun and rewarding environment to work in.
We also have strong relationships with our customers and implement bilateral communications with them to enhance project effectiveness and efficiency.


NTQ is striving to expand our business to serve clients on a global scale. We believe that our experience in dealing with a culturally diverse portfolio of customers will enable us to serve future clients more effectively.

Our partners

NTQ Solution: We Are a Part of You

Research & Development

We have an extremely innovative research & development department.
We are currently looking for a partner who we can collaborate with and can provide support for our present, and future, projects.

R&D Team
R&D Team
R&D Team
R&D Team
R&D Team

Participant at Digital Innovation Expo 2019

NTQ plans to attend Digital Innovation Expo in Japan - the event was rebranded from Cloud Days with additional interests in Business AI, blockchain, work style reforms, etc… NTQ will bring...

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Development partnership with GDC Technology

GDC Technology is a worldwide technology company in providing solutions for cinema, with presences in 29 countries including Vietnam. NTQ takes the honor in working alongside such wonderful partner to...

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Summit Day 2019

Summit Day 3rd edition, regarded as an internal technical event, was successfully hosted with massive attention from all members in NTQ. In this event, our development teams have the chance...

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Energetic Autumn activities

Despite high workload approaching in the last quarter of the year, NTQ is still filled with positive atmosphere with many internal activities. In honor of Vietnamese Woman Day, NTQ has...

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Korean speaking recruitment

With the goal to extend presence and support for Korean clients, NTQ recruited Ms. Nguyen Bao Tram as our sales representative for Korea region, she will represent NTQ at Vietnam...

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